Ordinals Bridge / Vault

Bridge your Ordinals to Ethereum back and forth and trade on the largest collectibles marketplaces available. No service fees.

This is an Ordinals dedicated bridge, also known as vault. The difference to existing vaults is that this bridge is truly dedicated to Ordinals and extremely easy-to-use. This means there are no security checks required to see if a vault is legit. This is assured by the fact that each NFT ID matches the Ordinals inscription number. No duplicates can exist and owners can be sure they are vaulted.

Besides trading, this opens opportunities for staking, lending and other DeFi protocols. Make sure to connect your Ethereum wallet in the upper right in order to proceed.

Royalties for trading are extremely low and we try to keep it at zero on every marketplace allowing it.

Bridge to Mainnet

This creates your vault.

Return Ordinal

This opens a vault and makes your Ordinal accessible to you.

You need to be in possession of the bridged NFT and connected with your Ethereum wallet in order to return your Ordinal.